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Infrastructure, Development and Enterprise Services, City of Guelph

Annual Report, Infographics, Presentation, Illustration

Infrastructure, Development and Enterprise Services (IDE) at the City of Guelph asked KAP to create an infographic-based annual report and presentation to tell Council and the community about the IDE team people and the great work they have done. The annual report was divided into six themes with each one presented in an infographic.

KAP facilitated and clarified the IDE story for the presentation and created the presentation slides for the general managers to tell the IDE story to Council. Both the report and presentation were very successful in showing the positive impact of the IDE and set a new standard for reporting outcomes at the City.

Report cover and illustrations:

IDE annual report by KAP Design  

Interior pages:

IDE annual report by KAP Design   IDE annual report by KAP Design  

Presentation slides:

IDE presentation by KAP Design  

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