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City of Guelph

Information Graphics, Graphic Design

The City of Guelph's Community and Social Services Department asked KAP to create information graphics for the new Community Investment Strategy report for presentation to City Council. The role of the information graphics was to add engagement and clarity to the report and secure Council approval of the strategy.

KAP went through the report and identified the key message points that would resonant with Council and answer their concerns. With feedback from Community and Social Services throughout the design process, KAP created multiple information graphics that were inserted into the finished report and used in the presentation to Council. The report was successful in securing approval by Council.

KAP designed two sets of pictograms that were included in the information graphics and utilized in additional collateral to create a consistent visual language.

   CIS Infographic   CIS Pictograms   CIS Pictograms   CIS Implementation Infographic   CIS Roles Infographic

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